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Angry Birds Classic APK - Free Download and Install on Your Android Device

The game involves shooting the mean pigs that have stolen the eggs of angry birds. The pigs are shot by using different weapons and buffs given to angry birds. The beautiful graphics of this game are very eye-catching and different levels of the game keep people engaged.

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In this game the player has to retrieve the most loved eggs of the Angry Birds from the mean pigs as the eggs have been stolen. The survival of the angry birds is at risk There are different birds with features unique to one another. The player has to choose any bird of their choice and fight with the mean pigs to get the eggs back as the game proceeds, the pig shows up with Different defense mechanisms and the player has to identify the weak points of the pigs.

With a plot that sounds really crazy (pigs that go around stealing eggs from birds and making them angry), the Finnish company Rovio published quite a few years ago a game of puzzles of logic and skill that became the very first global mobile video game hit. We're obviously talking about Angry Birds Classic APK, the first version of which is still very popular amongst mobile gamers. If you want to get hold of real classic mobile game, don't hesitate to download Angry Birds Classic Android.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is an updated version of the cult arcade that has gained immense popularity. The participant will again find himself in a colorful world inhabited by greedy pigs and angry birds. The dastardly piggies are stealing eggs to cook breakfast for their gluttonous king. But brave feathered heroes are ready to brutally take revenge on the robbers! Those settled in different buildings that need to be destroyed.

On the mobile game platform, there are many high-quality games that players can freely choose whenever they want. In casual games, there is a name that seems to be known as Angry Bird. It is one of the leaders in this game genre and so far. The most obvious demonstration is that on Google Play it has achieved 100 million downloads with only the classic version. This achievement is not possible for any mobile game. Regardless of other extended versions of this game, Angry Birds Classic is the source of everything. Later developments have gone quite far and changed its genre, but in fact, there are still a few things related to this brand. In this article, we will learn what features this game has, and we also provide a download link to give players slightly larger utilities than what is available in the Google file. Play. The story of this game starts from an island in which residents are birds and not humans. And the residents here are gentle, they live healthy lives, respect and love each other.

Any Angry Birds gamer will recognize the context of such logic-demanding levels. This new version based on the classic Angry Birds video game will start with some ferocious wild boar stealing eggs from the birds. These wild boars can hide well and are very greedy. They did several robberies before building a series of fortified hideouts to operate. The birds were furious at the cruel theft and vowed to reclaim the eggs from them by any means necessary.

Join the cute and grumpy birds in their fights against the naughty pigs in their journey to retrieve the lost eggs. Protect the small and fragile little eggs from the hungry stomach of the green pig tribe. Fight your way through their defenses as you help our angry birds in their adventures.

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Join the game, you will help the angry birds take revenge on the gluttonous pig army. Each bird in the game will have different powers, take advantage of this to destroy the defense system of the hateful pigs. Gradually, the base of the pigs will become more and more solid, making it very difficult for you to destroy. But this will bring a more interesting experience to the player.

Return to childhood experiences in Rovio Classics: AB now. This game will help you explore endless struggles between angry birds and an army of gluttonous pigs. Through familiar physics, your task is to complete all the challenges to help the angry birds win. Remember that this game has no IAP, the result will depend entirely on the calculation and skill of the player.

The graphics of this game are 2D but pictorial. The colorful angry birds, pigs, beautiful islands, and scenery capture the attention of the users. Additionally, the controls are intuitional and simple. The controls are clearly shown on the game screen. The end of the battle will turn off the screen.


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